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Should 16-year-olds be allowed to vote?


Elections are quite important for our society, for they influence the development of our country. The allowed voting age is currently 18 years in Canada. I believe the voting age should not be lowered, for sixteen year-olds are immature and do not have political knowledge.

To begin with, a sixteen year old teenager is hardly able to understand political issues, and the decisions of the Prime Minister and the Parliament. Teenagers cannot understand the responsibility and duties of the government. Furthermore, it is difficult for teenagers to understand the ideologies and party platform of each candidate. It is obvious that each candidate and its party has flaws that youngsters will not be able to notice. Sixteen year-olds lack political knowledge, as they are not experienced to understand the way politics run. Also, having a political opinion is something that develops with age. Most teenagers do not have an interest in politics, and they most likely will not vote. When we are young, we are not interested in politics in any way. The majority of the sixteen-year olds do not watch the new and political debates on TV.

Likewise, I believe the voting age should stay at 18 because, for many Canadians, this is the age their life begins at. Eighteen year-olds have the legal rights to move out of their houses, get married without parental consent, stand a trail in adult court, and start their own business. Additionally, they can be held fully responsible for their actions and it is the start of their adulthood. In the article, Robyn Urback explains very well why the voting age should not be lowered. He says that “it’s important to note that most 16-year-olds have never shopped for a daycare facility for their children.” Similarly, sixteen year-olds minds can be swayed very easily by friends, family, media, etc, as mentioned in this article. At this age, many teens are not concerned about the country’s being. However, eighteen year-olds have already gone through high school and studied politics. They also start worrying and paying attention to what goes around them. They start listening to the news and learning about who is leading the nation and what their party believes in. In voting you need to know about the candidate you are choosing and how they best represent you.

In conclusion, the voting age should be left at eighteen. Many sixteen year-olds do not have the understanding to vote in political elections and eighteen years of age is when people fully accept responsiblity for their actions. In addition, if the voting age is lowered the age of living on your own and possibly even the legal drinking age will be lowered.